Saw this GIF and couldn’t not see Hannibal and Will. Will makes such a good hiccup


And in that moment, we all thought (including Will) that Hannibal was going to kiss his Murder Husband.


My friend just sent me this and I am seriously no joke crying with laughter


all of them


khan + nose crinkle

Auburn!Batch appreciation post.

“I’m not ginger. I’m auburn and there is a difference, I’ve got very good friends and relatives who are ginger and trust me, there’s a difference.” (x)

"I pinch myself all the time. This is great, great fun. I love the first two films [Madagascar], and knowing that my godchildren are going to see this and, hopefully, laugh at it is… really good." // (x)







I loved him in this film. So underrated.

He wasn’t underrated, though. The movie just flopped.

That’s what I will never get. Not even the fandom went to watch the film. Sad.

The problem was it’s not a very interesting subject to most people. I went to see it not knowing more than the bare basics of what happened with wiki leaks and absolutely loved it. The scene in the gifs did odd things to me, I ended up half stuck under my seat in the cinema.

I think the problem with this film was not that it’s bad. It’s not nearly as bad as some critics tried to make it look. The problem was a) that they made boring, mundane Donscheidt-Berg the main character, b) that they did ZERO marketing, and c) that only people interested in WikiLeaks watched it, and it was no film for people who already knew the story. So there was ZERO buzz.
They made so many mistakes it’s almost funny.

да вы все дураки, не вникающие в суть чего-либо мало-мальски сложного -__-